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For more than 125 years, the Downingtown Area High School Alumni Association has dedicated itself to the Downingtown area high schools. In helping to support both the Downingtown High School East and West campuses, the mission has at its core, the cause of education and scholarship. (click here to read additional historic notes)
    Through the passion, dedication and financial commitment of our members the association has continually supported important activities such as Homecoming, the annual Banquet and Reunion, and various Arts and Athletic programs and projects.
    Our College Scholarship Fund remains at the center of the alumni associations’ supportive focus. It is through the strength of our membership community that the association hopes to continually raise the level of its scholarship support for senior class recipients to help offset the increased cost of higher education. Your Alumni Association awards two $2,500.00 scholarships each year to one graduating senior from each of the two High School campuses and in 2014, the first graduating class of the S.T.E.M. School.
    Join us as we continue to strengthen the educational and social foundation for the youth here at the Downingtown area high schools.

Past Presidents

Distinguished Service Award Winners

History of Downingtown Schools

DAHS Alumni Association Officers

President   - Caryn Isabella Menna '76

1st Vice President - Angela Kipp Baer '99

2nd Vice President -Dianne Peterman Plaugher '72

Treasurer - Donna Lang Kneisley '71

Secretary - Fran Gasper Shaw '79


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Mission Statement

It was the evening of the 25th of April 1884 that a group of concerned individuals gathered together in a house located on Washington Avenue in Downingtown Pennsylvania.

     On this day, a decision was rendered to create an organization whose purpose was for:

     “the promotion of the cause of education in the interests of our Alma mater and to excite and keep alive those interests in the same, to strengthen the bonds uniting us by social friendship and intercourse, to do all in our power to make our Alma mater the one that we may feel proud of and to be glad to say that from it’s walls the foundation of what we are or what we hope to be has been gathered.”

     This was to remain the Mission Statement of the Downingtown High School Alumni Association created by the minds, hearts and souls of those founders such as John M. Patton ’84, William Johnson ’82, Allie M. Gibson ’83, Paul Cobb ’81, Ella P. Smith ’82 and Hattie Miller ’82 whose home hosted the conception of these enormously significant words.

     The very first formal “call to meeting” of the Downingtown High School Alumni Association took place in the High School building Saturday afternoon at 2:30 PM, April 26 , 1884.

     In 1887, it was decided upon to begin hosting an annual Banquet and Reunion in which each Downingtown High School graduate would be entitled to attend.

     In the spring of 1952, the first committee to select an outstanding Alumni member was formed. The chosen member was to receive an award that read “ In recognition of consistent and meritorious service, loyalty and untiring effort in perpetuating the Downingtown High School Alumni Association.”

     Downingtown High School, in 1963, became the first high school in the state of Pennsylvania to organize an annual Homecoming event.

     The first Downingtown High School Alumni Association Scholarship Award was presented in 1969. The recipient of this award was an outstanding graduating senior student whose merits won them this financial endowment which was payable during his or her freshman year in College.

     “The mission continues as the “Downingtown Area High School Alumni Association” moves forward with all 3 campuses, Downingtown West, Downingtown East and the S.T.E.M Academy representing the oldest continually operating alumni association in the United States, celebrating its 130th anniversary April 2014.


Downingtown Area High School Alumni Association
540 Trestle Place
Downingtown, PA  19335

610.269.8460 ext. 11130

Established in 1884, Downingtown Area High School Alumni Association is one of the Oldest Active Public High School Alumni Associations in the country!